Censorship. We’ve got used to it now, and here’s more on the censorship of Southeast Asia’s Malaysia.

Stop the censorship now!

“Malaysia’s Home Ministry has banned the sale and distribution of books by Turkish author Mustafa Akyol and two Malaysians, Ahmad Farouk Musa and Faisal Tehrani, for being “prejudicial to public order.” The order was signed on September 6 but was not reported until September 28. Akyol, Farouk and Faisal all promote a moderate and progressive Islam through their books.

Meanwhile, political cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, popularly known as Zunar, said his latest collection of cartoons “Sapuman: Man of Steal” has been banned by the government again.

Malaysia has a majority Muslim population and a government that claims to promote the harmonious relation of all races and religions in society. But in recent years, some hardline Islamic leaders and political groups have ascended in various state institutions and have used this platform to promote and impose a more strict interpretation of religion in governance.

Case in point is the brief detention of Akyol in Malaysia on September 25 after religious authorities accused him of teaching Islam without getting official authorization from the government. Akyol, a prominent journalist and scholar, was invited by Malaysia’s Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) to give a series of lectures on Islam, human rights, and democracy.”

Malaysia Bans Books and Cartoons Deemed ‘Prejudicial to Public Order’” by Mong Palatino of Global Voices is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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