CHRISTIANS Allegedly BEATEN By Chinese Police

Have a look at this video, which allegedly shows the Chinese police beating worshippers at a church. It then the allegedly shows the police destroy the chruch which the worshippers were worshipping at.

Now, I’m an atheist, but I’m also a strong endorser of nonviolence and resolving argument through discussion and expression, not violence.
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If this is a true story, it is abominable that the police treated the worshippers in this way. There should not be violence at any time ever anywhere in the world, unless it is necessary. I do not believe that in this case it was necessary.

The police in America are definitely too brutal and violent, using guns far too often. They really need to get their act together NOW.

If this is true, China must tolerate religion; it is a human right to believe in whatever you want to believe. I am in favour of freedom of thought. You can think anything you want to, and express anything you want to, apart from certain messages.


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